Choosing An Epitaph For A Memorial Monument

When someone passes away, you have the opportunity to write an epitaph. The epitaph is small bit of text that is engraved on the monument or headstone. It’s a short composition with the sole purpose of honoring the deceased. Sometimes, it’s written by the deceased prior to their passing away. Often, the task is given to those who are left behind. It’s a chance to briefly encapsulate the life, work and spirit of the person who has died. It can be a verse from a song or book. It can be tiny poem. Or, the epitaph can be original. Though short, writing the perfect epitaph is often an incredibly difficult task.

The Epitaph Should Make You Think

When you’re writing someone’s epitaph (as opposed to using an existing verse), try to think of their life. Remember the effect they had on those around them. What was the deceased best known for? Was it their eternal smile, even in the face of extreme adversity? Or, was it their diligence as a leader and provider for their family? Think of the career they spent a lifetime building. Was the deceased involved in public service? The epitaph you write should in some way honor the deceased while causing others to remember them for who they were.

Taking Your Time

Often, writing the epitaph for someone requires time to reflect and remember their life. Sometimes, a person who is at the end of their life doesn’t truly reflect who they were while living. Whether by illness, mental disability, or other condition, it can be hard to remember the person during the decades prior to their passing. It’s important to think about their entire time alive rather than the days leading up them dying.

Go to a park with a small journal. Write notes as they come to you. Think of the person’s spouse, children and friends. Think of places the deceased frequented and the impact he (or she) had on the people who worked there. You’ll find that when you’re isolated without distractions, the memories will flood over you. Before long, you’ll have everything you need to create the perfect epitaph by which the deceased will be remembered.