Perpetual Lights and Candles

Memorial Candles

Perpetual lights are lights that continue to glow and night, most of which for a predetermined amount of time. Typically they are found at monuments or to commemorate something including some religious ceremonies. Typically these lights are housed in a granite holder due to the strength the granite offers. Granite is also symbolic with perpetual lights, because granite lasts forever.  It compliments the fact that this light will also glow for rest of time.

Throughout history these lights have been candles that were changed by a member of the community. Many times the ceremony to change the candle would be symbolic with the flame from the original candle lighting its successor. This shows that the flame itself never went out.

However the lights that we use in modern day are little more efficient than the candles of yesteryear. The most popular perpetual lights are the solar powered variety.

They are easy to use and because they charge by solar panels, you don’t have to worry about changing the battery. They can also be placed anywhere which it convenient for grave memorials.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is the popular granite holder to house these lights. There are even granite holders available that house the solar lights in a tasteful, elegant style that only granite can provide.

Whether you choose a solar powered light, a battery operated light, or the old fashioned candle for you perpetual light, be sure to use place it in a granite holder. It is the perfect addition to memorial.